My mission is to create and commission new music, to cast new light on standard repertoire, to expand the vocabulary of western classical music through cross-genre collaboration, to amplify diverse voices, and to help the next generation of music students find their passion.


Review of Breaking Glass Ceilings: Music by Unruly Women in Classical Music Daily
"A captivating album celebrating the contributions of four remarkable female composers"

Rose Wollman and Dror Baitel awarded a $2500 Faculty Research Development grant from Saint Mary's College for “Breaking Glass Ceilings: Music by Unruly Women.”

Rose Wollman and Dror Baitel awarded a $2000 grant from the Stickley Scholarship Fund for a CD release tour of “Breaking Glass Ceilings” around St. Joseph County, IN.

Dror Baitel and Rose Wollman awarded at $2500 grant from the Institute for Scholarship in the Liberal Arts at the University of Notre Dame. These funds will go toward a recording project, “Breaking Glass Ceilings”, that celebrates women composers and features the work of Amy Beach, Rebecca Clarke, Florence Price, and Libby Larsen.

Publication of the article "Early Music Influences in György Ligeti's Sonata for Viola Solo" and review of Loop: Ligeti's Inspiration & Legacy in the Journal of the American Viola Society
"This album, though clearly centered around Ligeti's Sonata for Viola Solo, manages to paint a vivid and breathtaking portrait of folk tunes, historical tradition, modern intelligence and deep expressivity that is sure to captivate all."

The Wollman-Brea-Baitel Trio was awarded a grant from the Sparkplug Foundation in support of a recording project that will explore the disconnect between the rhetoric of the United States (the land of opportunity, the American dream, etc.) and the lived experiences of many Americans. The $20,000 award will fund the commission of five composers from marginalized groups - Nailah Nombeko (African American), Rene Orth (Asian American), Tamuz Nissim (Jewish), Cris Derksen (Indigenous) and Francisco Cortes Alvarez (Latin American). Rose Wollman, Maria Brea, and Dror Baitel will record and release the works as an album in 2026, in conjunction with the 250th anniversary of the signing of the declaration of independence.

Review of Loop: Ligeti's Inspiration & Legacy in The Strad
"Listening through the CD as planned, the groupings work their magic as when, say, Bach’s C minor Prelude flows into Ligeti’s C-string-only ‘Hora lungă’, the ending of which slides seamlessly into Garth Knox’s Ritorno which takes us back to the open C. The subsequent sets work just as well, with Wollman’s elegantly written booklet notes guiding the listener through her thinking, and her no less eloquent playing making a convincing case for this most original recital."

Review of Loop: Ligeti's Inspiration & Legacy in Take Effect
"A very rich, technical and often moving listen, Wollman’s techniques and tonal range makes all 18 tracks here fascinating and even enlightening."

Rose Wollman elected to the board of the American Viola Society. Her three year term starts in July.

Review of Loop: Ligeti's Inspiration & Legacy in The Whole Note:
"Violist Rose Wollman’s ingenious concept is based on imaginative yet logical pairing of each of the six movements with a piece from the Baroque era and commissioning six contemporary composers to write a companion piece to the Ligeti/Baroque set. The result is remarkably insightful... The companion pieces support and illuminate aspects of Ligeti’s movements, sometimes in unexpected ways." - Ivana Popovic

Review of Loop: Ligeti's Inspiration & Legacy in Textura:
"The word brilliant should never be thrown around casually, yet it comes naturally to mind when presented with the conceptual strategy Rose Wollman adopted for LOOP... It's safe to say no other project arriving in 2023 to celebrate the centenary of the Hungarian-Austrian composer's birth will do so as imaginatively." - Ron Schepper

Loop: Ligeti's Inspiration & Legacy included on the November CD Hotlist
"the kaleidoscopic variety of moods, styles, and textures is fascinating"

Loop: Ligeti's Inspiration & Legacy debuts at no. 11 on the Billboard Traditional Classical chart.


Loop: Ligeti's Inspiration & Legacy is released by Acis! Find it on all streaming services and on the Acis website:​ 

Concert Review from the Chicago Classical Review
"...Wollman’s program was an innovative way to contextualize Ligeti’s sonata and make it more digestible. The baroque pieces, especially the Passacaglia movement from a Heinrich Ignaz Franz Biber’s sonata, were stylishly played palate cleaners, and Wollman's own piece, Wanderlust, based on the same ground bass as Pachelbel’s Canon in D, was a standout among the contemporary selections."  - Katherine Buzard 

Rose Wollman's next album LOOP: Ligeti's Inspiration and Legacy, revolving around the György Ligeti Sonata for Solo Viola, to be released by Acis Productions on October 4, 2022. 

Rose Wollman awarded a Faculty Research Grant from Saint Mary's College to help fund her next album Loop, revolving around the György Ligeti Sonata for Solo Viola. 

Rose Wollman awarded a grant, "Community Engagement Through Music", from the Indiana Campus Compact. This grant will fund a guest artist, Pianist Clare Longendyke for a residency at St. Mary's College; a concert to benefit St. Margaret's House at Christ the King Lutheran Church; and a concert of St. Mary's music students at St. Margaret's House. 

Rose Wollman to present a lecture recital, Ligeti's Viola Sonata: A Glimpse into the Past and an Inspiration for the Future, at the 47th International Viola Society Congress in Columbus, GA.  

Rose Wollman joined the Recording Academy as part of the 2021 class of inductees. 

​Rose Wollman awarded the Athens Philharmonia prize at the 2021 Piazzolla Music Competition. Concert in Athens, Greece during the 2022-23 season. ​

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