Partita Party with Atar Arad and Friends

Partita Party is the brainchild of Atar Arad. It is a new composition based on J.S. Bach's Partita No. 2 for Solo Violin. Atar asked four of his students to join him in writing movements for a new piece for solo viola inspired by Bach's masterpiece. Atar wrote the Chaconne, and Melia Watras, Yuval Gotlibovich, Duncan Steele and I each wrote our movements using Atar's starting note and tone row, with the structure of Bach's work. We recorded our Partita, as well as gave a performance of the Partita, other works of ours, and my arrangement of J.S. Bach's Brandenburg Concerto no. 6 during the week of October 9, 2023. Stay tuned for the Partita Party sheet music and recording!